January 14, 2013

iLine Mobile Music Cable Kit Announced

The average iPod owner and anyone who has ever used a pair of cheap headphones, knows what a standard headphone stereo jack is.  The proper name is actually based on its size which comes out to one-eighth of an inch.  If you’re living in anywhere else in the world the standard units are metric, then the sizing will actually be 3.5mm.  If you’ve ever played guitar or bought a pair of DJ headphones, you’ll notice that these typically come in larger sized jacks, a quarter inch to be exact.  But some of these headphones also come with screw in or plugged adapters to reduce the size back to that of a standard jack.

This is because they realize that smaller devices usually don’t have an eighth inch jack, while larger objects (like a mixer) usually do.  In your quest to produce music or DJ, you’ll find yourself needing an array …