November 11, 2012

Roland Intros BK-3 Backing Keyboard

Let’s be honest, Roland hasn’t been creating anything that original lately.  I think the market for stand alone production and performance keyboards isn’t what it used to be.  Either that, or musicians already have what they need and they aren’t coming back for more.  Perhaps Roland has made the mistake of making their equipment too rugged, and has therefore prevented buyers from looking into new purchases.  Their top end Fantom keyboards already provide musicians with everything they could possibly need from a classic piano oriented setup.


Still, the Roland name still carries weight due to their past successes like the TR-909.  One of their newest offerings is the BK-3 Backing Keyboard, which doesn’t seek to take the place of more powerful options.  It was created for a specific simple purpose and provides the basics along with a few added luxuries.  The BK-3 communicates wirelessly with the iPhone and the …