November 11, 2013

Korg LittleBits Synth Kit

You know what makes LEGOs so appealing to kids of all ages?  It is the fact that it requires nothing more than you imagination to build something wild.  Each piece in the kit has the same type of fitting as the next, so there are no special tools required to fit pieces into each other.  There are no limitations that are set in stone, other than not having the right pieces of enough pieces to work with.  Imagine if this could be applied to anything?  DJs and producers still have to deal with much more than plugging two piece of gear together.  They have to ensure that their software will place nice with other software.  They have to make sure that their music is in the correct format for their DVS.  Basically, there is a lot to deal with.

Synthesizer building is perhaps much more complex than most can understand.  …