December 27, 2012

Moog Factory Tour: Etherwave Theremin

In this part of our Moog Factory Tour series, Jim Debardi explores the history of the theremin and its relation to Moog Music Inc. The theremin is not only the oldest electronic instrument, but it’s also the instrument that laid the groundwork for Bob Moog’s legacy with electronic instruments and synthesizers. Be sure to check out our Moog Factory Tour Introduction and be on the lookout for the remaining parts of this series.

Just like in our last post, we will use this post to give you the latest news from Moog Music Inc. On the heels of the release of the Animoog V2 iPad App comes the incorporation of the Grateful Dead Expansion Pack. This pack takes the sounds from the Grateful Dead’s Feb. 14th 1968 performance at the Carousel Ballroom and turns it into a pack that features 82 presets and 45 timbres for use within the …