November 11, 2013

Lighting For DJs, Part 2

For some DJs who have a limited amount of resources to work with, lighting is not difficult at all.  In fact, lighting is really not necessary, assuming that there are other people to take care of it for you.  At most, the DJ needs a small light for themselves so they can navigate their gear in a pitch black room.  I once was a DJ for a small sorority gathering, and my setup really didn’t need much since it was a formal occasion.  All I really had was one of those cheap disco balls sitting right on top of my monitors.

If you are a mobile DJ, much more of expected from you.  Not only do you need to bring the music, you also need to bring the sound equipment and lighting equipment.  Since there is nobody else around to control the lighting itself, the use of an automated system …


November 29, 2012

DMX Lighting Tutorial Part 5: Hardware and Software

In part 5 of our DMX Lighting Tutorial series we go over the hardware and software used to control a DMX lighting universe. Hardware like the Chauvet Obey 40 are great controllers for fixtures and changing entire scenes. Some of the pros of using hardware are typically matters concerning reliability. You can avoid potential crashes and hardware is often easier to control. Some of the drawbacks of hardware are that the actual hardware is not expandable and flexible like software can be, and only the higher end hardware consoles allow for certain lighting manipulations.

You can also use software to control your lighting and for this video we show off the American DJ myDMX which is a great tool to get you started for controlling a DMX lighting universe. Some of the advantages to using software are its expandability and flexibility, greater numbers of stored scenes and presets, and more advanced lighting control functions. While software can be …


November 8, 2012

DMX Lighting Tutorial Part 4: DMX Wiring

Find out how to wire your DMX lights in part 4 of this DMX lighting tutorial. If you’re new to DMX lighting you should check out parts 1 through 3 of our DMX lighting series. They’ll get you up to speed. In this video, we’re going to talk about DMX cable connection types, mistakes to avoid when wiring, and how to handle large DMX lighting setups. We’ve got all of the current parts of our DMX lighting tutorial posted below.

DMX Lighting Tutorial Videos

Part 1. What is DMX?
Part 2. What is DMX Addressing?
Part 3. Dipswitches
Part 4. DMX Wiring
Part 5. Hardware and Software Setup


Hello my name is Chris. Welcome back! This is part 4 of the uniquesquared DMX lighting series in which I’m explaining some of the basics of DMX lighting with the help of this marker board and these turkeys. In this