DJ Scott Mad Flip

DJ Scott Mad Flip
April 18, 2012

Controllerist – Breaking the Mold – Part 2

There are a few different schools of thought that exist these days in the DJ universe when it comes to using a DJ controller.  I touched on some of these in Part 1 from my own point of view and personal experiences having made the switch just less than 2 years ago.  The debate over the use of a DJ controller versus using either turntables with vinyl, CDJs with CDs, or a DVS has provoked much thought and discussion over the past few years, but continues to gather momentum as controllers evolve and become more prominent among touring professional DJs.

To be fair, the founding father of controllerism, Moldover, is considered to be more of a pure controllerist rather than a DJ.  He created the art form, based on the need to perform and live produce as a musician, going far beyond the expectations of conventional DJing through the …