July 7, 2014

Trigger Finger Pro users — Win a Record Deal

I think that shows like American Idol offer proof that talent can be raised in the most inconspicuous of places out there.  Sure, the stars all made their mark in big places like New York or Hollywood – but a lot of these famous people came from places that we cannot point out on a map.  Bedroom talent can be worth a lot these days, especially if you are one that believes that cream still rises to the top.  In the world of DJing, skill and talent really sets itself apart from things like style and demeanor (although that is just important in the battling scene).  Purchasing a controller and a laptop will not cost you twenty thousand dollars and you do not need a recording studio to make good music.

Consider all of the successful artists who have made it with nothing but their hands a good laptop.  Skrillex …