DJ Scott Mad Flip

DJ Scott Mad Flip
October 12, 2011

AVID Fast Track C400 Review

M-Audio has long been a leading manufacturer of pro audio recording equipment.  One of their most popular interfaces, the Fast Track, was  considered the industry standard for home recording since it’s introduction in 2004.  It was a high quality USB interface that was very simple to use at home or on the road.


The Features

The Avid M-Audio Fast Track C400 is a compact and ergonomic USB audio interface with the capability to record up to 24bit/96kHz audio with up to 4 simultaneous channels at a time with the help of a digital S/PDIF input.  When it comes to playback and mixing, the 6 outputs of the Fast Track C400 will come in handy to give you separate feeds for, say, a headphone amp or outboard gear.

The Look

The Fast Track C400 departs from the traditional look of a USB audio interface and comes in an ergonomic form ideal for the home …