January 7, 2013

Alesis IO Dock Hack Adds An Internal USB Hub

If you have a MIDI controller then you already have it slightly better than those with older electronic music units.  That’s not to say that MIDI is better than an analog instrument or a software based instrument – but it is much easier to mess around with the insides and tinker with objects.  An analog synthesizer with oscillators can be more difficult to tweak because it requires the knowledge of how it works.  Connecting different devices to it is not a simple task, and it may take some skillful engineering in order to achieve something great.

MIDI controllers are hacked up all the time.  The basic principal behind one controller is the same for most of them; you have pads that activate sensors on the inside of the unit.  Sometimes these pads are not to your liking, or they’re arranged in a way that doesn’t suit your needs.  What can …