November 30, 2012

QuNexus Smart Sensor Keyboard Offers Multiple Types Of Control

After the success of Keith McMillen’s first crowdsourced controller, the QuNeo, it’s likely that his newest prototype will be met with the same success.  Without careful investigation, DJs and producers may be too quick to write off Keith McMillen’s projects as simply “another midi controller” – but the real insight into his work has to do with technology, not just design.  The first crowsourced creation was not only funded by contributors, it was also designed for them (as it wouldn’t have been a success if it wasn’t).

His new project, the QuNexus takes a similar approach to device creation by putting technology in the forefront.  The controller itself doesn’t look like anything we haven’t seen, and shares a similar dimension to the Akai LPD8 and the Korg NanoPad, but unlike the two just mentioned the QuNexus offers a superior level of control.  It takes controllerism beyond the on/off approach …