January 19, 2012

Moog MiniTaur- First Look at NAMM

File this one under: I begged and begged and cried and sighed and pleaded and finally it happened. This is the second part of my NAMM analog love triangle. Moog have struck gold with the MiniTaur. As the name suggests, this is a desktop analog module based on the original Taurus synthesizer. If you don’t know, the Taurus was actually a floor based bass synth that allowed players to play amazing bass sounds by foot while still performing with their other instrument of choice. That said, the standards are high for this little wonder- and it doesn’t disappoint.

Unlike some desktop synths, this one sticks to a “one function per button” mantra. Built with a simple two oscillator layout, the MiniTaur offers an oscillator mixer that allows you to use different combinations of square and sawtooth waves to blend classic Moog bass sounds. A robust mod matrix offers LFO Rate, …