May 14, 2014

Traktor DJ 1.4 drops with Mixcloud integration and effects

Although we are likely to see new renditions of old gear from DJ gear manufacturers, I am more interested in the little things that take place alone side of those developments.  Here’s an example: Vextax comes out with a digital mixer that is capable of using an external computer for its effects.  Next, a brilliant person discovers a way to allow a Bluetooth device (such as a phone), to control that computer.  Now, the DJ can whip out their phone to control the FX panel.  The mixer and the FX panel are nice, but being able to control both of them with your phone is quite another thing.

We forget that a DJ is only as good as his or her recorded history sometimes – how are you to get a job without a good demo?  Recording mixes becomes something that is necessary, that doesn’t mean it is fun.  DJs …