January 28, 2013

New Behringer CMD Controllers To Ship With Deckadance 2

There are more than ten different well-respected gear manufacturers that are producing controllers right now.  Regardless of how they are configured or how well they are made, they all serve a similar purpose: to control some sort of function within a software or DVS.  The difference, as mentioned above, is how well they can do this.  Some controller need little more than the bare minimum; perhaps a row of 8 buttons to change the scenes or select options within Serato.  Others are more complex with faders and rotary knobs that can control the intensity and magnitude of a function.

Behringer is not the most well known, when it comes to creating controller.  But they are unique.  Their line of CMD controllers aren’t meant to solve every issue with one device.  Instead they are meant to act as modular devices, so a DJ can add and remove whatever he/she sees fit.  …