January 11, 2013

Arturia MiniBrute Overview

If you read much about the Arturia MiniBrute in synth forums, you’ll be hard pressed to find anyone outside of the most absurdly elitist of synth snobs saying anything bad about it. While it is their first foray into proper analog hardware, Arturia have brought into the world a tough little synth with features not often aligned with the price point of the MiniBrute. They have been hard to get ahold of, but I finally picked up one during the brief second we had them in stock.

One of the nicer features that I don’t really touch on during this brief overview video is the aftertouch. While I mention it in passing, I don’t go on and on about just how rad aftertouch on an affordable analog synth is. So let me do it here: OMG YOU GUYS!!!! AFTERTOUCH!!!!

That said, it really is quite a nice option to have …


October 16, 2012

Andy Meecham’s Monophonic Vol. 1 Is ‘A Synth Purists Dream’

Musicians who produce music from hardware synthesizers (which is not the majority these days) tend to have an array of different devices in order to make their sound “complete”.  It makes perfect sense, since your keyboard might not be up to the task of creating drums, whereas your Roland 909 may seem limited in the tone department.

Andy Meecham of Nang Records has done something worth taking note of: creating individual tracks on an album with only one synthesizer per each song; a true example of minimalism.  The album is titled “Monophonic Volume 1” and features instruments like the Moog Prodigy, Korg MS10, and the Roland SH7.…