November 29, 2012

The Borgatron – A Korg Monotron Hacked Into A Gesture Synth

The Korg Monotron is one of the better examples of a cheap analog synth that can be treated like a toy by amateurs, and used as a complex piece of machinery by enthusiasts at the same time.  In the past, we’ve seen the Korg Monotribe (similar to the Monotron but with the addition of sequenced drums) being used in conjunction with other Monotribes to produce some pretty cool riffs.  For those who are trying to get into the realm of synth produced music – the Monotron is a gentle stepping stone that provides enough functionality to show you the basics.

The reason why this little instrument is still favored by experienced by hardcore synthesizer users, is that it is cheap enough to be hacked and modified to do other things, and you won’t be set back too much if you end up breaking things.  In this video clip above, SolarisBorgatron …