January 2, 2013

Moog Factory Tour: Slim Phatty, Little Phatty, and Moog Guitar

The next part in our Moog Factory Tour series takes us behind the scenes into the craftsmanship and history behind the popular Moog Slim Phatty and Moog Little Phatty monophonic, analog synthesizers. Jim also walks us through the history behind the innovative Moog Guitar and talks about why it is so different from a traditional guitar and electric stringed instruments. The point that Jim and Moog Music Inc. want to drive home is that they are crafting their instruments in the same ways they always have. They keep the construction of their instruments in house and continue to use analog signal paths in an era when many companies are moving towards digital. This should be no surprise to those loyal Moog customers, but it’s still great to hear that Moog Music Inc. is staying true to the legacy that their founder Bob Moog left behind.

While we have been using these posts to …