December 7, 2012

Traktor Digital Decks: What Would They Be Like?

Serato and Traktor have been battling it out for their share of the market over the last five years.  Traktor is no doubt, still the challenger – and Serato as benefitted from a nice head start by integrating both hardware and software together, before Traktor even has their foot in the hardware door.  The Kontrol Z2 is more than just a wrench in Rane’s control over the mixer market.  It’s their first true mixer that has ever been produced, and it even comes with its own built in sound card.  The real kicker is the low price.  You can buy one brand new for less than the price of a trusted Rane TTM-57 mixer, used.

It begs the question, “Will Traktor follow suit and create digital decks their own decks?”  It seems to be the next logical step considering all of the toys and equipment that has been produced so …