October 21, 2012

Maschine Mk2 & Maschine 1.8

The second version of Native Instrument’s Maschine, the Mk2, has been talked about and demoed by a few – along with their new first of the complimentary software, version 1.8.  The folks at ohdratdigital posted a lovely review on the new Machine, and why it’s worth the update.

The most obvious changes to the unit are the visual changes.  For the most part, the keypads have been kept the same in this new rendition; however, a rainbow cascade of colors has been added to the previously white/orange lit keys.  These colors are not just for show.  Apparently they’re supposed to help the eye differentiate one pad from the next, creating a more defined outline of each key.  A stand has been added to the bottom that allows the unit to tilt towards the user, and the faceplates have been built to be removed magnetically.  Also, three of the encoder …