January 28, 2013

KRK’s Founder Develops Behringer NEKKST K5 & K8 Monitors

Having a monitor in your studio or practice room is essential if you want to hear your music properly.  Never mind the fact that your music may be played on subpar speakers or headphones, when you’re mastering your music or trying to create transitions it helps to hear every little element within a track.  Once you’re mixing a song live, you may not even be able to hear your music over the loudspeakers, but at least you’ll know it’s correct.  KRK Rokit Series monitors are something like the Pioneer CDJ’s of the speaker market.  It’s hard to look at them and not love the aesthetic design – but when you also realize how accurate they are as near field monitors, it makes them hard to ignore.

Their front firing port and yellow cones are the trademark of KRK’s speakers, but this may come to change.  The owner of KRK, Klawitter, …