August 4, 2013

Gary Numan announces first album

Right about now there are plenty of one time pop or rock stars who are now aging and in their 40’s and 50’s.  Some of them will disappear into obscurity only to be forgotten, while some will continue on in their career as they reshape who they once were.  Many of these famous rockers aren’t trying to stage a comeback or pretend that they are 25 again – they simply like their music and enjoy performing.  Some of the notable artists who are no nearing their golden ages are those who were involved in the early synth revolution.  Kraftwerk comes to mind, since the pioneers of synth music are sort of hard to delete from history books.

Others, who had pretty long careers, are still around performing with younger musicians who have taken a liking to their style of music.  You can find Daryl Hall from Hall and Oates, performing …