December 20, 2012

Bitwig Studio Controlled By Maschine

While Native Instruments leads the way with innovative MIDI controllers such as the Kontrol F1, they’ve also moved passed the realm of add-on controllers and pure software based solutions altogether.  Their introduction of the Maschine might have thrown people off in the beginning, but it’s clear now that it was the proper step to take if they were ever going to release a two channel mixer that didn’t need a computer attached to it.  For what it’s worth, the Maschine lives in two distinct worlds with the capability to be added to a third.

As far as its use alongside a DVS, it seems like overkill.  Its large footprint and velocity sensitive buttons are something most digital DJs will see as intrusive.  When loading up samples or cues, pressure sensitivity is a nice add-on, but useless in terms of performance.  Producers will find it advantageous to have sensitive buttons, …