January 24, 2013

NAMM 2013: Traktor For iPad Teased With Richie Hawtin

So far, the iPad and iOS has yet to be exploited by the founding DVS companies Traktor and Serato.  But even without their presence, the iOS has done pretty good as a platform for producer and DJs.  Independent developers, who aren’t out there spending millions of dollars on advertising campaigns or complex product lines, have produced equally as much in value on the software side of things.  Audiobus, for example has opened the doors for inter app audio; which allows apps to piggy back each other in the same fashion as your hardware.

Smaller DVS companies have filled the gap quite well actually, and have even found the tablet market to be a better sales platform than the PC or Macbook, which is already dominated by the big two.  Virtual DJ and Algoriddim are enjoying their wild ride, while their software is being put to use by controllerists who are …