August 25, 2012

Video: Nicki Minaj: “I Am Your Leader” [ft. Rick Ross and Cam'ron]

Rap-artist and eccentric personality Nicki Minaj, has released the video to her new single “I Am Your Leader” featuring verses by Rick Ross and Cam’ron.  The video was directed by Colin Tilley, and features psychedelic stage designs that are somewhat reminiscent of Tim Burton’s version of “Alice In Wonderland”.…


August 9, 2012

Waka Flocka Flame on the UniqueSquared Mobile Studio

Last night, the Mobile Studio Team got word that Waka Flocka Flame was shooting a music video in our very own city of Atlanta. Luckily the bus had just gotten back from the Identity Festival Tour so we pulled it out of the warehouse, gave it a quick once over, and got out onto the road.…

The Unique Geek

The Unique Geek
April 14, 2011

What the Mobile Studio Could Do for You

So, what’s the purpose of a mobile studio anyhow? Is it merely a huge ego-boosting vehicle on wheels that celebrates Unique Squared and its awesomeness? Well, yes – but it’s so much more than that. I’ve watched this thing grow from just a baby (a rented RV) into a full grown behemoth; this is an actual studio. You couldn’t fit the London Philharmonic in there before, but now this is a full-blown studio on wheels.

I still didn’t answer the question, though, “what’s the purpose?” Well, here’s the first clue – it’s a mobile studio. So, in essence, this will be a mobile way for Unique Squared to tour the US and record music. Then, for you, this means you’ll have a new outlet for discovering new music.

Let’s pick just one genre – hip hop. Now, this bus will afford them folks at Unique Squared the ability …