January 30, 2013

Novation unveils the Launchkey range of MIDI controllers

Using a keyboard to activate MIDI functions will never go out of style, even with all of the newer modular and pad based controllers available for consumers.  We can use the Launchpad until our fingers go numb, but it will never replace the original need for MIDI, that is, controlling a virtual piano keyboard.  This is why companies like Korg and Moog are still pursuing the keyboard layout in their designs, and it is why the keyboard layout will be wanted for years to come.  Akai has made some progress by combing elements of the keyboard and button mashing controller, but it is perhaps Novation who is set to bring it all together in one complete piece.

Novation has exposed their line of MIDI Launchkey controllers, which at first glance, look more like something Korg would produce in their line of workstation keyboards.  If you look again, you’ll notice the …