April 7, 2013

New Launchpad S from Novation

I know that many owners of the original Maschine by NI were both happy and disappointed when the version two came out.  Among the updates were small physical changes to the hardware as well as lighting changes; which are probably the most obvious and noticeable of them all.  This led many to consider the new Mk2 device, but also the older Mk1, given that the cost would likely be slashed to help sell more of the newer units.  Those that owned the first version were probably a bit angered by the move.  What they bought was no longer worth the same price (unless they knew better and unloaded it before the second version was introduced).

The same thing has happened for the Novation Launchpad.  This new version features a tighter refresh rate as well as a new set of brighter LED’s.  This spells good news for owners of the …