January 21, 2013

Gemini GMX Pro All in One DJ Controller

It is no secret that Gemini is usually late to the game.  Numark used to take the spot of being the manufacturer that produced affordable but repetitious gear, but Numark has since upped their image – creating newer and innovative products that have yet to be copied.  This trickle up effect does have its positive side though.  Because the costs of production have not gotten any higher (thanks to better materials and technology), Gemini actually has the ability to make affordable gear that also works quite well.  The idea of standalone digital decks has already been explored by many, mainly Pioneer with their CDJ line and Denon with their spinning platter decks – but Gemini now has their offering to show off at NAMM.

It’s called the GMX, and it is touted to be all that you require in one piece of hardware.  While aesthetics aren’t as appeasing as something …