DJ Scott Mad Flip

DJ Scott Mad Flip
January 17, 2011

The New JBL EON515XT at Winter NAMM 2011

We LOVE good music.  Who doesn’t, yeah?  It’s important to have good reliable instruments, DJ gear, and microphones in order to give a good solid performance. Probably just as important is what type of amplifier and speaker you use to play your music through. We have thoroughly enjoyed JBL’s EON series for many years and now they have continued their awesome legacy with the introduction of the sweet new EON515XT. They’ve given us more power (625W), and a higher input gain (132db) than the previous 515 and added separate bass and treble controls to fine tune your sound. We have already received them and they are ready to ship today. Enjoy!


Scott: Hi, this is scott magno DJ Madflip. We’re back again Winter NAMM 2011. We’re here at JBL to talk about the new EON series with Richard. We love the product, now he’s going to tell us why