April 6, 2014

Armin Van Buuren’s A5-Pro Headphones

It is not uncommon for a public figure or a celebrity to endorse a product that they claim to have usefulness for.  You see it all the time – and some of these athletes and celebrities do a much better job of selling the product than others.  How many times have we see Shaq trying to endorse a new car or even some sort of shoe?  Now, I would feel much better hearing that his intention was to endorse a shoe rather than a car, because this guy has probably had problems finding the correct shoe size to wear.  When it comes to a car, I’m sure he could choose whatever he wants.

When a DJ or producer sets out to endorse a pair of earphones, the relationship between the product and the spokesman is sometimes much harder to make.  I think the trouble is trying to match the product …