January 19, 2012

Arturia MiniBrute- First Look at NAMM

Is it professional to start a post telling you about my erect nipples?

No? Ok, well, I won’t talk about them. However, I think I am caught in an affordable analog synth love triangle. While the other player is to be named later, the Arturia MiniBrute is definitely pretty close to talking me into marriage. Arturia have effectively surprised me with their current star of the floor: The MiniBrute.

Unlike Arturia’s typical offering, this is a 100% self contained analog synth. That’s right, not just a super realistic, tightly integrated machine thing; but a full fledged analog synth. I’m not talking “mostly analog” here, I’m talking cv outputs, voltage controlled oscillators (with sub oscillators) and amazing sounds. We got to spend a few minutes with Romain from Arturia and he showed us the ins and outs of this thing. Between USB, 5 pin DIN MIDI and the CV outs, this …