May 15, 2013

Podcasting 101: Get Your DJ Podcast Onto iTunes

Pressing the record button and practicing or mixing under the gun is a nerve wrecking experience for many.  Just the thought of knowing that you are being record can shake you up enough to damage your confidence behind the decks.  Any DJ who says that they never feel the heat when they are on the spot is lying to you, every DJ, even the best DJs, still feel the stress when they are up on stage or being recorded live.  The trick is harder than it seems, and that is to forget about the fact that you are being recorded.

For those that DO like to record themselves often, the next step is to make something of these recordings.  Putting them on Soundcloud is a good approach, but it still requires listeners to search out your recordings and listing, why not bring them to the listener?  A Podcast is much …