February 26, 2013

What Sony PlayStation 4 Brings to Your Home Theater System

What does gaming have to do with audio production and DJing?  I can’t say that they have very much in common, but they do have a central theme that runs through them both.  Both are quickly becoming integrated with other parts of the “entertainment systems” we have in our house, and the technology in both are booming to the point where they can interact with each other.  Take a device like the Pioneer CDJ-900 for example – it performs it job as a digital device with a platter than can be manipulated, but it also has some serious connectivity power.  With Rekordbox, it can communicate with cloud storage and wireless devices to upload playlists without the use of any wires.  It’s bells and whistles for now, but this may very well become the way we do things in the future.

Likewise, the PS4 is all about connectivity.  The days of …