February 10, 2014

Should I Go Down The DVS Or Pure Vinyl Route?

The sale of vinyl records might be on the rise – but don’t let this fool you into thinking something major.  The sale of digital music is not going anywhere.  I don’t foresee DJs gathering their crates of vinyl and hauling them in their mini back to the club.  It would just be too tiresome, unless it was an ONLY vinyl event or something specific.  Digital music just makes everything a lot easier to deal with.  Sure, you don’t actually get to touch the music you play – but you can move it and transport it was ease.  This selling point does not need much effort to get across.

I DO see an increase in vinyl sales though.  I DO see more people entertaining the use of vinyl, at least for the tracks that they want to hold and feel.  A vinyl record might just outlive its digital copy when …