March 6, 2013

My Five Favorite Features In Ableton Live 9

Ableton Live 9 is officially available for purchase as of today. This has, naturally, been a long and hotly anticipated update to a beloved DAW that has become synonymous with so many of the artists who champion it over the years. While the Push surface is only available for pre-order (and appears to be around 2 weeks away from shipping to users), today’s launch has had a lot of anticipation specifically around the new control. Understandably so, as Push promises to turn Ableton into a hands on instrument focused around the generation of ideas.

That’s great and all- but what about the program itself? More than a few Ableton users have been quite happy before Push, but have still been awaiting the program. As for me, I will be picking up Push because I think it will be useful for replacing some other odds and ends around the office- and …