February 3, 2013

Reloop Tape USB Mixtape Recorder Review & Video

For those who want to record something instantly, without having to deal with wires, an alternate computer, and fiddling with level controls – a portable recording device is the closest solution to your problems.  There are many different hand-held recording devices, each of them having their specific use.  Tascam makes some high quality recording devices that are specifically meant for recording live sound via the microphone.  This will get you instant audio, meaning there is nothing to plug in – but you will have to go back and re-edit the files to make sure the right parts of the music come out.  If someone were to record a speech, you would have to mess with the levels differently, versus if someone where trying to record a live band.

Reloop introduced a nifty recording unit that was solely meant for DJs and naturally, it comes in the shape of a cassette …