April 21, 2014

Seth Troxler on growing up in Detroit and the art of DJing

Ask a DJ what got them into it and you’ll hear many different stories as to why they got involved in the first place.  Having parents or loved ones that have a strong sense of music always helps out, since most kids cannot afford their first instrument.  The exception is the turntable and DJing.  Just about every baby boomer parent had their own set of turntables at one point.  That meant that a kid could easily have access to them, and many kids did.  Today, the DJs that we see as professionals definitely got their start when they were younger – the difference is at what point in life they decided to make music for a living, and it’s not an easy choice.

For some, where they lived was more important that what kind of music they played.  If you lived in an area that gave birth to a new …