March 5, 2013

Reloop RHP-10 Flash Black DJ Headphones

Pretty soon it will be very hard to tell headphones apart other than using their actual name to identify them.  The most expensive pair of headphones that one can buy usually are award to the likes of Pioneer and Sennheiser, but when a specific design is modeled well, there are other companies who could easily make a chunk of change off of a popular shape.  If you go deeper into the history of the DJ headphones and larger over the ear headphone design, it was Sony who popularized a specific look – one that still exists and is built upon by others.  Pioneer’s HDJ headphones share this design as well, and so do Beats By Dre.

Reloop, who has been creating headphones for very short time, picked a wise design for their RHP-10 headphones.  These share the similar thick head band and large ear cups.  Compared to other designs they …