June 8, 2013

Reloop SHP-1 Pro Studio Headphones

The design of a headphone is on that is expected, and swaying too far from the original idea will get your put into a corner fast.  In the recent years headphone design has gotten more space-aged and less functional looking.  Old radio headphones went with a Spartan design, with ear cups that were adjustable on one axis using wires and screws.  Using that same design in a modern set of cans would not win you very much support.  Headphones need to sport some type of minimal design that also allows it to rest comfortably on the ear.  So basically, the way they look needs to match up to the way they feel on the ears.

Over the ear headphones have the reputation of looking sort of wonky when they aren’t placed on the head.  Some of them look almost comical once they are padded over the ears.  Outsiders can laugh, …