January 8, 2014

Reloop Concorde Carts

One of the unintended effects of creating digital DJing systems, is that the specialized guys who used to create needles and slipmats are finding themselves with less people that want or need their products. I personally still use my M447 needles to scratch, and even with DVS – but those who have grown up with DVS rather than regular record would likely not see a reason to buy such an expensive needle.  A great scratch needle is no longer the weakest point in the DJs system, it is their computer and speakers.  Because of this, many companies who never had a stake in records are beginning to produce their own version of needles.

Many of these designs, do not stem from the traditional needle setup –rather, they look more like the Ortofon or Concord needles that are used in mixing scenarios.  Scratch DJs are also beginning to realize that the …