March 16, 2012

Ambassadors Sessions – #Road2SXSW – Atlanta

I want to stress as much as is humanly possible that recording sessions can and often do go badly. There is only so much an engineer can do. We can prep our session, check our wiring, make sure we’re capable of providing things quickly and with ease. After that, there’s an expression: “Crap In, Crap Out.” Everything, really, is up to the band. I always try to focus on creating a positive space where people can give their best performance. In my opinion, the vibe is everything. If you doubt this, try being a jerk to a band and then getting a great track out of them.

On the other hand, Martin Hannett basically created the Joy Division sound by being insanely cruel to the band, but that is another story. Probably a significant detail that their singer eventually killed ¬†himself; so do what you will with that. Don’t even …