April 4, 2012

Ultra Music Festival – An Outsider’s Perspective

Music festivals are one of the few concert events that have just about everything for everyone. You can go to the Vans Warped Tour and see your favorite punk bands of yesteryear, or a young band who finally made it to one of the smaller stages and everything in between. Lollapalooza, Coachella, and Bonnaroo have varying acts with different styles even if they are generally in the same genre of music. These are just a few of the biggest music festivals of the year and annually they accommodate tens of thousands of people.

One music festival that was completely off my radar was the three day electronic music festival Ultra. I first heard about Ultra when the UniqueSquared Mobile Studio visited Miami last year for the Winter Music Conference 2011. We were able to score some passes for the 2012 show and the team was tasked with going so we could report on Ultra. I am …


December 16, 2010

Atlanta’s Indie Scene: 10 Women in Hip-Hop You Should Look Out for in 2011 & Beyond (Part 2of2)

In my previous post, inspired by the realization that females in Hip-Hop are under credited, I introduced 5 amazing women who I considered to be in the TopTen of Atlanta’s most influential Women in Hip-Hop. Thank you for all the comments and feedback. Please keep it coming.

And so here now is the conclusion of my list of the 10 Women in Hip-Hop You Should Look Out for in 2011 & Beyond:

6.Taj Anwar-Jackson (Multi-tasker)

Taj Anwar is a model, community organizer, philanthropist, political motivator, Hip-Hop promoter, social commentator, mother & wife. She has worked with the FTP Movement, Mothers of Black/Brown Babies, and Crew Love. Anwar is known to speak on, and challenge the issues of the inner-city community such as police brutality, education and environmental justice. In addition, she is a part of the Think Conscious Collective and a member of the Atlanta Zulu nation chapter. Taj was …