April 2, 2013

Roland SPD-SX Sampling Pad Review

Its been close to a decade since we last saw a sampling pad from Roland with the SPD-S. The latest version in this sampling pad line, the Roland SPD-SX, is the combination of features from Roland’s own engineers as well as those requested by the public in terms of what they wanted to see on a sampling pad. Sampling pads are nothing new in the world of digital based percussion┬ábut with new crops of rock bands and electronic music makers using them in live scenarios, more and more drummers are starting to utilize the expansive technology within pad triggered sampling devices. For drummers looking to expand their pallet, this is a great tool which you can completely customize so you can leave the laptop at home.

So maybe you’re a DJ looking to add more dynamics to your live set, or maybe you’re a drummer who wants to …