July 1, 2013

Samsung Buys 1 Million Copies Of Jay-Z New Album

When you are a musician who is financially at the top of your game, you have many options and many choices as to what you want to do next.  With a large financial backing you have the power to make investments, not only in your own music, but into your image as a brand.  Jay-Z might not be a music making powerhouse who sells his lyrics line by line, but he doesn’t have to be.  He has more than just music to sell.  He has investments in major industries, alcohol, and buildings – and his latest move might just be the biggest one of them all: technology.

He has partnered up with Samsung, who has taken interest in the media as well as technology side of things.  Folks who opt to buy a Samsung Galaxy phone will also receive a copy of his latest album with the purchase.  Samsung has …