January 13, 2014

Diachronic is a Completely Insane Looper Inspired by Turntablism

Waves are something that has been traditionally easy to associate with music and visual music.  Is it no surprise that a raw uncompressed music file has always been known as a WAV file.  To most DJs, what we see in a wave is different than what an engineering or math head would typically see.  On Serato, for instance, the image of the wave is actually compressed side by side, so you don’t get an actual look at any of the curve.  What we do see are the peaks and valleys which signal to us that we are at either a kick or snare in the section of our music.

Turntablists actually have a better understanding of what these little curves and arcs actually mean.  A good turntablists, will know how to precisely manipulate a record to give it an accelerated or flat pitch during a motion.  On paper, this would …