January 19, 2013

What Do You Use To Play Music At Home?

The question is, “What do you use the listen to music at home?”  The answers to this question will most likely be varied and no single setup can rightfully be called the best setup.  Also, anyone who uses audio equipment knows the value of being flexible and adjusting to whatever needs they may have.  It’s kind of like having a kit with a bunch of RCA connections and adapters to bring with you to your gigs.  Whatever the problem, there is a solution to help make it work.  Regarding what we listen to music with at home, it could be anything.

Some of us do not have the ability to make noise and therefore a good pair of headphones is the closest you’ll ever get to high-fi listening.  Sennheiser makes earphones for almost every level of listening, including monitors and boosted playback.  Some of us might also have a home …