March 22, 2013

The Toa Mata Bionicle Robot Band

Triggering is a concept that needs to be explored if you are considering using a live production software like Ableton in session mode.  There is the unfortunate reality that human beings only have two hands and two feet, and most of us can only remember so far in advance.  The use of computers in our daily lives in really to augment that capability that we already possess, even if it seem like what we are doing isn’t humanly possible.  Controllers and other devices have shortened the time it take to input information (like a downbeat of a note), but it comes down to more intricate features like auto triggering and sequencing that make us professionals of the automated world.

When the Lemur was in a class of its own, one of the main selling points was its ability to flip pages and move to a new controller scene based on …


June 18, 2012

Music Programming Methods – Part 1

It is probably a funny word choice that keeps the recording field intimidating to the casual observer, or the hopeful novice; but the act of building songs in the world of sequencers and synthesizers has long been stored under the catch all term of “programming.” The word probably becomes more accurate or inaccurate depending on how one chooses to equip one’s studio. The controllerists can easily imagine themselves as device wrangling borgs from outer space as they tie feature after feature to conveniently placed knobs and indulge in wild bursts of inspired creativity after a hard day of device building. On the other hand, the guy sitting with an acoustic guitar and a microphone probably looks at what they do as simply recording.

Programming has always been what I called it, but I also started at a time when a hardware sequencer was tied to hardware synths, drum machines and …