May 15, 2013

Analysis of Shiftee’s Traktor Kontrol Z2 Routine

A producer who uses controllers and button pads all day may have a hard time switching to turntables, especially during a live set.  What are they going to do besides cue a track on the turntables?  We want to see them scratch of course.  A producer will always be second to a turntablist when the tables are turned.  But what about when a DJ explored the production side of things?  A controller actually looks pretty neat next to a pair of spinning records, and in many ways makes you seem more well rounded of a DJ or producer.  The best part about instruments like the Maschine is that they can be integrated into a DJ set in more than one way.

At the basic level, they can be used to trigger samples or cue points.  When loops or effects are layered on top of that, the result is a sound …