November 2, 2012

Review: Serato DJ 1.0.0 Software

So Serato DJ is out.  What’s new?  The release of Serato DJ to replace the older ITCH has been shoved in the ears of online readers for the last month and a half.  Coupled with the launch of some new and pretty-looking hardware from Pioneer, it seems like Rane is trying to hammer their software forward and glue it to our plates for dinner.  Leaks of the software have revealed that the interface isn’t mind blowing in any way, but maybe a closer inspection and usage will yield a different sentiment.

The first selling point of Serato DJ is its ease of use – and this has always been a high point when choosing Serato over another DVS, such as Traktor.  Right out of the box, Serato DJ is ready to go without any external mapping required.  Serato also chose to bundle the “Intro” version of their software with controllers, …