March 31, 2014

Why Am I Scared Of Serato DJ?

Often is the case with many new products on the market, that you feel compelled to buy something new.  For a DJ who already has what they need, this can be the worst case scenario.  A newer version of what you have has just come out on the market, but this version now adds a new feature that is something you’ve never had.  Will you actually make use of this feature?  You won’t know until you buy the new rig and test it out.  Many DJs have found that they were just fine with what they had before, and that there is no reason to venture out into something new – yet they feel compelled to buy.

This is sort of the case with Serato DJ as well.  Many people who are migrating to it, are doing so because it seems like an upgrade from their bundled DVS which may …