February 17, 2013

Serato Scratch Live 2.4.4

It’s nice to see that DVS companies are keeping up on the software side of things as well as the hardware side of things.  Nowadays, much of the hardware we use is dependent on whatever program it is running off of; in a way it is sort of a drawback to the design, unless you have a CDJ or something that can be used stand alone.  But even a CDJ-2000 needs a firmware update to stay consistent and they usually are used in conjunction with software as well.  It’s odd that the DVS originated from the need to mimic an analog vinyl turntable setup, yet is completely dependent on software to run it.  You can’t even use your turntables on phono mode if Serato is plugged in without the soundcard receiving power.

DVS companies have recognized this dependency issue and have been updating their software to keep up with the …