December 23, 2013

AlphaSphere nexus controller hits Europe

It’s funny that I was just talking about controllers in the market that never took off beacuse they were simply too outrageous for most of us to accept. The AlphaSphere is likley to be one of these controllers. Its design, in theory, sound like a good idea on paper. Imagine a controller that can be accessed from many differnet angles. When you have a box that sits in front of you, you are lucky to access only two of the six sides available to you – but when you have an infintie number of sides to pick from, there is no space that can be left untouched.

Looking at the gear, I will say that it looks odd. It looks like either a disco party ball, or some sort of sticky suction cup that can be tossed into a wall. All that is really needed is a professional to show …